At a time when we are all acutely aware of our environmental impact, it is crucial that the construction industry steps up and does everything possible to promote environmentally friendly practices. The World Green Building Council estimates that the construction industry accounts for 39% of the entire global carbon footprint . Construction companies must take all reasonable measures to reduce their environmental standards. In order to lower the environmental consequences of their business models, construction companies must go beyond merely lowering their carbon emissions. There are many ways to improve the sustainability of construction companies . One way of doing this is to reduce the levels of noise that comes from construction sites. There are a range of ways to assess, monitor and control environmental noise and the outcome of these efforts should be a well-managed, safe environment for the crews that work on them and the residents in the local area. Environmental Noise Risk in the Construction Industry Construction sites are typically very noisy places, with many people working on different aspects of a build and needing to use tools and machinery to get their job done effectively. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration […]


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