Are you an eco-friendly traveler? You may want to consider using an RV. There are a lot of ways that using an RV can be sustainable . Many campers scoff at the idea that RVing would even be in the same category as camping or that it would be eco-friendly. While it may be infinitely more comfortable than sleeping in a tent, there is a middle ground. It is possible to go off grid camping in an RV for a greater sense of adventure. Off-Grid RVing Can Be a Sustainable Way to Travel This off grid, or dry camping, is affectionately called boondocking. It’s when you truly get off of the beaten path and forego staying in RV camps that offer things like water, electricity and even WIFI. This is clearly a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. This is getting off grid and parking where you find a spot. Usually these spots are in wild areas with spectacular natural scenery and not a soul around. You get a lot more out of a trip when you boondock and even save a considerable amount of money by avoiding campground fees. However, it does pay off to plan ahead. […]


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