Aa Aa For the first time in commercial aviation history, a CO2-neutral cargo flight is set to take off from an airport. Lufthansa Cargo’s Boeing 777F will depart from Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday and head to Shanghai, China, with its fuel requirements using only Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Peter Gerber, the CEO of Lufthansa Cargo, one of the firms behind the scheme called it a "milestone because it is the first flight of this kind that will have flown 100% CO2 neutral." Sustainable Aviation Fuel refers to sustainable, synthetic kerosene. It is produced mainly from biomass, such as sustainable or recyclable vegetable and cooking oils. In future, non-plant-based renewable fuels will also be available. By using SAF, the fossil CO2 emissions of a flight with conventional kerosene are completely avoided. During combustion in the engine, the only CO2 that is released was previously removed from the atmosphere, during plant growth for example. This means that SAFs’ overall GHG emissions are 65-95% lower than traditional fossil-kerosene fuels, claims a report by Lombard Odier , The flight, however, only uses a small amount of biofuel, which is added to conventional kerosene as a so-called drop-in fuel. The joint venture has been […]


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