Iberdrola’s green hydrogen plans call for 800 megawatts of production, which is 20 percent of Spain’s 2030 target. (Credit: Iberdrola) Spanish utility Iberdrola is aiming to become one of Europe’s top green hydrogen producers with a 200-megawatt electrolyzer project and plans for 600 MW more. The 100-million-euro ($119 million) project builds on a 20-megawatt electrolyzer installation for Fertiberia, a fertilizer and industrial chemicals firm, which Iberdrola said will be the largest green hydrogen production system in Europe when it comes online about a year from now. In October, the two companies announced a €1.8 billion ($2.1 billion) green hydrogen partnership to install a total of 800 MW of electrolyzer capacity at Fertiberia plants in Spain over the next seven years. The electrolyzers, equivalent to 20 percent of Spain’s 2030 green hydrogen target, will be used to create green hydrogen for ammonia production at Fertiberia’s Puertollano and Palos de la Frontera chemical plants. The 20 MW project, destined for Puertollano in Ciudad Real and costing €150 million ($178 million), will include a 100 MW solar plant tied to 20 megawatt-hours of lithium-ion battery storage. Norwegian firm Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser is supplying the electrolyzer technology. Nel has also been named as […]


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