Are you a green homeowner? You aren’t alone! Polls show 59% of Realtors have found their customers are concerned about sustainability. Our homes are where we spend the majority of our lives. We spend our time drifting to sleep, spending time with our families, and making meals to fuel our lives. We don’t always consider the impact that our day to day activities could hurt the Earth, but sometimes the little things can add the most plastic or pollution. We try to recycle and eat good things for our bodies, but there’s more we can do. Instead of turning to guilt: here are some of the best ways to help make your home greener without having to give up any comfort! 1- Take Care of Your HVAC System Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is the biggest culprit for energy consumption. Heating alone accounts for roughly 42% of all household energy consumption in the United States. If your vents aren’t clean or keep the system running 24/7, your system is pumping out a lot into the environment. Instead, it would help if you got a smart thermostat, so you can turn off the air when you’re not home […]


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