We were pleased to hear that the Natural Resources Defense Council published a guide on sustainability for pet owners . This is an important topic, since more people are looking for ways to be more responsible pet owners. Dogs are wonderful companions to have in your home, but some people will make purchases for their pets that aren’t the most eco-friendly. You may wonder how you can create a sustainable lifestyle while owning a dog , so we want to discuss this with you. Let’s look at some of the areas where you can make things more eco-friendly while living with a dog. Food Companies are placing a greater emphasis on sustainability when they produce food. Due to the growing number of people leading organic and eco-friendly lifestyles, dog foods are being changed to be more sustainable as well. There are eco-friendly and organic dog food options readily available in stores all over the country today. There are also lots of sources online giving tips on how to make a homemade meal and what foods are safe to be given to your dog. Common popular dog foods are now formulated, too, to fit the need for sustainable and healthier […]


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