Feeling remote from the never ending stories of eco problems or animal welfare issues seen on twitter or Facebook, can easily give rise to a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness. Then, add in the lockdowns which appear to becoming a regular feature of our current life. If you are, like me, involved in work of a completely different nature, or still at school or university, it can be frustrating that you can’t actually ‘be there’, physically doing something to help. My dream job would be working alongside the amazing vet, Dr Amir Khalil, from the charity Four Paws – maybe in my next life ? Being a young conservationist or eco warrior can be tough, especially when you are not working ‘in the field’. Four Paws has for a long time been my favourite charity. They work all over the world, rescuing animals which have been imprisoned, abused, maltreated by humans. The charity works in horrific, ghastly situations; most notable are the ‘rescues’ from war torn areas – tigers and lions incarcerated in zoos in places such as Iraq and Syria. Footage shows missiles and explosions overhead, as the team bravely go in to the abandoned zoo, to tranquilise the […]


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