Fans of classic cars and restomods rejoice! There is now a fully realized and, more importantly, genuinely affordable kit to help you turn your classic Mini Cooper into a fast, clean, and modern EV. And, best of all, it is more true to the original Mini philosophy than you have any reason to hope for. Want to know more? Read on. Image courtesy Swind.Life. When BMW revived the Mini brand at the dawn of the 21st century, it reignited car culture in a way that can’t really be summed up in a few hundred — or even a few thousand — words. Suddenly, it was OK to love cars again in a way that wasn’t so serious . It was a retro design that seemed to be a labor of love, where less-successful retro offerings like the Ford Thunderbird and VW Beetle seemed like cynical cash grabs. The reborn Mini was cool, quick, efficient, and many different things to many different people. One thing the new Cooper was not, though, was anywhere near as “mini” as the original. Because of that, it would never have the same appeal as the original ultra-compact classic. That car was a giant-killer, frequently […]


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