Yellow flapshell turtle Debashish Sharma/Twitter It’s vivid, it’s the color of the sun, of an egg yolk, of a banana, of a daffodil—it’s a golden flapshell turtle. Having nothing to do with space, food, or flora, this little bright yellow turtle is the second of its kind to be discovered in India in the space of a few months, per Science Alert ‘s report. The baffling coloring is surprising, but not that uncommon for this type of turtle . Discovered in a net during a fishing spree, the latest internet sensation is garnering a fair amount of attention, and given the turtle’s flashy coloring, it’s easy to see why. Indian flapshell turtles, or Lissemys punctate as they’re taxonomically known , are typically brown with yellow spots, but they sometimes come out as yellow. It’s a common type of turtle across South Asia, and it’s been spotted in its yellow form a number of times across the region. It’s easy to see why it would stand out once it’s yellow. Zero camouflage coverage is offered to the golden flapshell turtles, as they’re startling yellow exterior blends in with absolutely nothing from their natural habitat. This summer, a golden flapshell turtle […]


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