Kibbo Treehugger recently showed Kibbo , a co-living community that Colin O’Donnell is building out of Sprinter vans, which he describes as "a new way to live and work wherever you want without giving up relationships or the comforts of home." However O’Donnell also has a vision for the future of cities based on the technologies that many believe are coming down the road shortly. O’Donnell tells Treehugger that autonomous electric vehicles and a mesh of 5G technologies will make it possible to build a vehicle designed specifically for living and moving. He sees it as a new way for humans to live, "a type of city that isn’t attached to land the way it has been in the past." © Aprilli Design Studio This is a concept we have discussed on Treehugger before, with the Autonomous Hotel Room (that looks a lot like the Kibbo idea) and also with Gadi Amit’s mobile autonomous ZoomRoom which I described as part of a natural progression: "We have tiny houses, then tiny houses on wheels, people living in buses and now this- mobile autonomous nation," which is pretty much what O’Donnell is proposing. I imagined that this might be the perfect […]


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