Gray wolves once roamed the Rocky Mountains states, but after declining in the 1930s, they had disappeared from Colorado by 1940. AB Photographie/ The people of Colorado have spoken: gray wolves are returning to the state. Last week, Colorado voted to approve Proposition 114, a ballot measure that will see the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission reintroduce and manage gray wolves on designated lands west of the continental divide by the end of 2023. It’s the first time in the US the public has ever been asked to make the call over the reintroduction of a wildlife species through a ballot box as the decision is usually left up to state wildlife authorities. However, it was an extremely tight race, with 1,543,102 (50.64 percent) voting in favor of the initiative and 1,504,228 (49.36 percent) voting to oppose. While many are welcoming the reintroduction of this iconic species, others fear the challenges it might bring. Wolves were once common across much of North America, not least in Colorado, before the arrival of European colonizers. Overhunting and persecution by farmers reached boiling point by the 1930s when the species started to disappear from many of the Rocky Mountains states, including Montana, […]


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