Video screen capture. Fair Companies When it gets cold and dark during the winter months, people find creative ways to stay warm, from the common-sense approach of wearing layers to more wacky ideas like setting up a tent — indoors — to cut down on the heating bill. But perhaps one of the most unusual approaches we’ve come across is building a greenhouse around your existing home to heat it up. That’s exactly what this family did near Stockholm, Sweden, by renovating an existing summer home and adding a greenhouse structure outfitted with 4-millimetre single-pane glass around it. The concept, which we covered back in 2008 , was first proposed by Swedish architect Bengt Warne back in the 1970s, and it’s called the Naturhus ("Naturehousing"). Now this in-depth video tour from Fair Companies takes us inside to see how this self-sustaining home works: The owners of the home, Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto were inspired by Warne’s work to build their own version of the Naturhus some years ago. They found a property with an existing summer home, and installed a conventional greenhouse around it, costing around USD $84,000. Warne’s original intention for the Naturhus was to create a […]


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