Roof gardens and rainwater harvesting will go a long way in making us less reliant on external energy sources, says Anupama Mohanram This pandemic has changed most of our lives in one way or another. We’ve been forced to stay indoors, cut down our visits to stores and even reduce our reliance on the availability of fresh food and water from external sources. In a way, COVID-19 has highlighted the problems with globalisation and has put the limelight on the importance of being self-sufficient. One of the key aspects of being self-sufficient is to grow our own food. Doing so will not only guarantee food security, but also ensure the food we consume is free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Although more plausible in independent homes with large vacant areas, food gardens are also being set up in balconies and rooftops of apartments. In fact, roof gardens also provide us with the added benefit of cooling our indoor spaces below, reducing our energy requirements and making it easier to be energy-efficient with a lower capital expenditure. Current technology has also made possible vertical gardening and the use of hydroponics — growing plants without soil — which has proven to […]


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