Shutterstock Licensed Photo – By Julia Lazebnaya | stock vector ID: 1524733601 You may have a sincere desire to become an eco-friendly consumer. However, you may have overlooked many of the important changes that you need to make in your life. One factor that we don’t pay nearly enough attention to is the growth of e-waste. Unfortunately, it is having a terrible effect on us. Think about the amount of electronics you use every day — stove, coffee maker, microwave, television, lamps, laptops, etc. Of course, there’s your ever-present smartphone. Yet what happens when an appliance or electronic device stops working, or you decide to upgrade? If you’re like many people, you simply toss it in the trash. That’s a big problem, and it’s called “e-waste.” Infographic provided by E-waste refers to electronic or electrical equipment that has been thrown away — whether or not it is functional. E-waste is more dangerous than ordinary trash because the metals it contains can leach into the surrounding ground and water. The list of e-waste items is extensive: Appliances Information technology devices such as computers, smartphones and hard drives Home entertainment devices — e.g., television and video game systems Remote controls […]


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