Australia could become a carbon neutral economy by 2050 thanks to an abundance of cheap solar and wind energy but will need a more ambitious 2030 climate target to get there, according to a report from international climate policy experts. A path to net zero emissions is technically and economically feasible for Australia, the report says, and would align the country with the Paris climate agreement it signed in 2016. Such a transition would create tens of thousands of new jobs in the renewable energy industry and “future-proof” the country from economic shocks as the rest of the world moved away from fossil fuels. Craig Kelly warns it would be ‘political suicide’ for Scott Morrison to adopt net zero by 2050 target Read more The report, from Climate Action Tracker (CAT), used two different models covering climate policies and energy systems to find out how the country could reach net zero emissions by 2050. Many of Australia’s key trading partners, including those currently purchasing most of the country’s coal and LNG exports, have endorsed a net zero target by 2050, including Japan and South Korea. China, the world’s biggest emitter, has said it will balance its emissions to zero […]


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