BP’s Lingen refinery, in Germany, could be meeting 20 percent of its hydrogen demand from green hydrogen by 2024. (Credit: BP) “Bringing together Ørsted ‎and BP, Lingen Green Hydrogen offers the opportunity both to accelerate significant ‎emissions reduction in our refinery and build experience with large-scale green hydrogen ‎production and deployment,” Dev Sanyal, BP’s executive vice president for gas and low carbon, said in a statement. “This has the potential to play an important role in the ‎development of a hydrogen economy, in Germany and beyond." BP uses "clean" (rather than "green") to describe its hydrogen initiatives. That term incorporates hydrogen produced from natural gas with carbon-capture technology in place, which is termed "blue" hydrogen. (GTM’s green hydrogen explainer is here .) No such carbon-capture technology is in use for hydrogen production at scale today. BP also said the excess hydrogen produced at Lingen could also become the feedstock for synthetic fuel production. In 2018, automaker Audi and BP ran a 30-day green hydrogen trial in Lingen’s fuel production process. Public funds remain the linchpin for pathfinder projects BP and Ørsted have applied for funding from the EU Innovation Fund to support the Lingen project. The fund will distribute […]


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