These kids are just great and they have a topic they can get their teeth into. WHERE WILL ALL THE PENGUINS GO?, playing as part of the Sydney Fringe, will give them a voice on issues such as the environment and the dangers of plastic bottles, war, refugees and the importance of family. They are young but committed and they wear their heart on their sleeve as the ensemble brings a story of two brothers. Brothers who see life in different ways and who grow apart as economic choices separate them. The scenes are short and sharp, more like epithets within the more linear storytelling. The doomsday scenarios truncated to bite size, there are no long songs for any littler ones to get bored and the dialogue is very appropriate for talking about the issues with children. It’s physical and shows off the rehearsal hard work of the ensemble in the stagecraft. I’m sorry cast, but I don’t have names to put to your characters but everyone shone in their roles. You all knew your lines, knew where to go and really coped well with the props and staging. The ensemble are: Linda Laoulach, Grace Patterson, Isabella Micucci, Abira […]


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