Pidi serves kozhukkattai in boxes made of palm leaves | Photo Credit: Special arrangement While e-commerce giants are being pulled up for using excessive plastic, small inspiring initiatives are springing up across the country offering elegant, yet practical, eco-friendly packaging When 27-year-old Asiya K discovered that a typical potato chips bag is made of multiple layers of polymer — sometimes four layers, at times seven — she knew she could never consume chips guilt free again. “I researched and learnt that despite the harm these bags pose to the environment, most companies prefer these bags as they are lightweight, graphics friendly and do not take much space. However, the downside is that these bags are rarely recyclable as we are still to invent machines that will separate the layers of these bags. I tried looking for chips and snacks packed in eco-friendly bags but there are not many options,” says the resident of Bengaluru. From T-shirts to plants Plastic packaging has been one of the greatest contributors to filling our landfills. Recently, the National Green Tribunal pulled up Amazon and Flipkart for excessive plastic packaging, directing the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to conduct an environmental audit and recover […]


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