Householders reduced their food waste by 76% in a recent trial in which they took steps such as making better use of leftovers and using their freezers more. Two-thirds of the participants said they slashed their weekly food bill by an average of £16.50 per week – equivalent to £858 over a year. The findings from the six-week experiment mean that each of the households could stop more than 76kg of food ending up in the bin if they continued their new habits for a year. The trial was organised by Tesco in conjunction with the environmental charity Hubbub. During the challenge, 53 households logged their food waste and followed tips on more effective meal planning, food storage and cooking classes from the supermarket’s chefs. “We know that food waste is a stubborn problem for many households so it’s really promising to see these results” said Aoife Allen, the head of food at Hubbub. “The group embraced meal planning and batch cooking, along with using up leftovers and freezing a wider range of foods. And when we asked one month on whether they were keeping up their habits, 94% said that they were wasting less food than before the […]


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