Plastic can help create more energy-efficient products that reduce the need for fossil fuels, according to Håkan Nordin, head of sustainability at flooring company Bolon . Nordin called for a re-evaluation of plastic, which he described as "a very resource-efficient material that you can use for lots of things". "I think that plastic is a part of the solution," said Nordin , a former climate activist who co-founded the Swedish branch of Greenpeace. Plastic can be used "without climate impact" "We are not moving away from plastic. We can make it circular and we can make it without climate impact." Nordin spoke to Dezeen in a live interview last week , in which he unveiled Bolon’s strategy to reduce waste and climate impact by 50 per cent by 2028. The Swedish company , which makes woven vinyl flooring, has already switched to using renewable energy at its manufacturing plant and recycles waste plastic back into its products. Bolon’s production "has zero climate impact" "All our production has zero climate impact, which we are proud of," said Nordin in the talk, held to mark Bolon’s involvement in the Embassy of Rethinking Plastic at Dutch Design Week last week. "Our goal […]


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