Shutterstock Licensed Photo – By elenabsl | stock vector ID: 1567621069 Running a business during an economic downturn is tough. However, running an eco-friendly business during an economic downturn can be even tougher. Some companies are overly optimistic about the outlook of running a green business. The reality is that customers aren’t as supportive of green businesses as they like to pretend. Harvard Business Review talks about this in an article titled “The Elusive Green Consumer.” Although polls show that 65% of customers would pay more for an eco-friendly product, they rarely actually do. As a result, eco-friendly businesses struggle to maintain decent profit margins. Unfortunately, many green business owners forego environmentally-friendly business practices if these practices risk cutting into their bottom line. While it’s true that many eco-friendly changes to your business can increase your expenses, you shouldn’t treat them as costs. Instead, you should look at them as long-term investments in your business. So, what are some eco-friendly ways to invest in your business? Read on to find out! You can also read our recent post on eco-friendly business practices here . Revamp Your Business Sign There are a lot of great ways to market your business […]


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