Shutterstock Licensed Photo – | stock photo ID: 1135112222 The average household in the US spends $2060 a year on utility bills including water, electricity and gas. It is not just energy that is consumed unnecessarily but there are other areas of wastage we might not think about or notice so much. Think of how much food you throw away unnecessarily, water lost through leaking taps and lights on when they could be turned off and food wasted and thrown away. All across the world people are becoming more aware of the damage we have done to our environment and the planet. There are small and big things we can do to make improvements. They might not seem like much and maybe some are too expensive to be invested in but here are some things that you can consider whether you can do. How Can You Lower Your Kitchen’s Carbon Footprint and Save Money? Here are ten great ways to cut your energy bill and help protect the planet. They will make a huge dent in your carbon footprint. Basic wastage on electricity This is a very simple improvement that anyone can do and there is no excuse […]


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