It has been said that about a third of global energy consumption is in buildings – from the raw materials needed in their construction to their upkeep. In the past couple of decades, there’s been an increasing call for sustainable and environmentally-friendly policies in construction. Also, more and more consumers are prioritizing their environmental concerns. Subsequently, businesses are responding. More and more construction firms around the world have joined the green movement. But what does this really mean for the future? Is green construction actually sustainable? For decades, the construction industry has earned a reputation for being slow to adapt to change. Fortunately, this notion is wearing away, as firms are now making conscious efforts to meet their client’s needs and appeal to consumers and potential real estate investors – which often mean green construction. Green construction is far from fad. As a matter of fact, it is where the industry is heading right now and it’s likely to overtake the old unsustainable construction practices the world has become accustomed to. A Growing Call to Go Green Green construction was developed mainly as a response to the environmentally damaging effects of old construction practices. Before the turn of the […]


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