Sponsored Featured 25 Social shares BrightVibes has compiled a selection of images of abandoned places, cars and even whole towns that are losing their battles against disappearing entirely due to the irresistible force of nature. 1. Old tree roots encapsulate even older temple ruins. Image taken at Ta Phrom, near Siem Reap, Cambodia. 2. Abandoned Train Station In Abkhazia, Georgia. 3. Ta Prohm Temple, Agkor, Cambodia Source: 500px/Pietro Bevilacqua 4. The square root of tree. Location unknown. Source: Imgur 5. Abandoned boat succumbs to shrubbery. 6. Vintage automobile graveyard, Belgium. 7. Overgrown Ferris wheel. Location not indicated. Source: Flickr/Kyle Telechan 8. Old Abandoned Mill, Sorrento, Italy Source: 500px/Jason Wallace 9. Bicycle Eaten by A Tree On Vashon Island, Washington 10. Trees Winning Against Concrete In Hong Kong 11. Edgewood Oak Brush Plains Preserve, Long Island Source: Instagram/bridgette_kistinger 12. Kudzu claims unknown bridge. 13. Weapon of war loses battle to nature. Tournai, Belgium. 14. Mossy phone booth. Hoh Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State. 15. Abandoned Bridge Near Manu, Peru Getting Overgrown With Vines 16. Castle Hackett. Galway, Ireland. Hackett Castle (otherwise known as Castlehackett) was originally a two storey tower house built in the 13th century with third and fourth […]


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