The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is began operating 36 electric buses at Laguardia, Newark Liberty and JFK airports this month. Courtesy of the PA of NY and NJ The transportation industry is at a turning point: Ever-more ambitious climate goals are combining with the dropping cost of electric and low-carbon vehicles to make sustainable fleets more of a reality. It’s still early days, but public and private sector organizations alike — all recognized on our top 25 most sustainable fleets list this week — are making the transition, and solving thorny infrastructure and workforce challenges along the way. "It’s tough to do, it takes a huge concert of effort to do it, but it’s been able to happen," said Philip Saunders, deputy division director of the green fleet program for the city of Seattle, at VERGE 20 conference. We felt it was important to walk the talk, to spend the money, to go through the pain of the transition really, because the infrastructure is the biggest issue even as costs come down on the vehicle side. Seattle’s fleet is already 80 percent electrified, driven by a mandate to be fossil fuel-free by 2030. Saunders joined […]


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