Sponsored Featured Things are looking up for honeybee populations in many U.S. states While there is definitely a justifiable cause for concern on a global level about the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) affecting the health of bees , some good news has recently come to light about the present condition of these crucial pollinators in the United States of America. The latest bee colony report issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture describes a surprising increase in the number of colonies across the nation, with some states experiencing a particularly rapid expansion of their bee populations. Reporting the most dramatic growth was Maine, who counted a whopping 73% increase in colony numbers since 2018. See below for more encouraging statistics from other States experiencing a honeybee boom in 2020. Source: Unsplash/Simon Berger new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture describes a 14% national increase in bee colonies According to the latest report from National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Nebraska, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Maine reported the largest percent increases in bee colonies over the last two years. Oklahoma reported 69% growth, only slightly behind Maine for the title of “most improved” bee colony. However, the highest percent growth is […]


  1. Good work Kathy:

    I would like you to do a piece on my little community.
    160 souls who live in a village where no one uses solar energy, no one recycled, and everyone uses more heat than they need because electricity is free. ( it is horrible).
    But there is a story here. Find out how it changes people’s lives, and the community as a whole when people ‘pull together’ to start living more sustainably and caring for the earth.
    I could be your reporter on the ground ( no charge) and keep you abreast of how these actual efforts to protect and sustain our environment could have real and positive social and economic impact!!


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