For many people, a green lifestyle starts with the right address. The challenge is finding one, much less one you can afford to live in. Here are a few pointers on how to find an eco-friendly apartment in Boston while finding a great place to live. Look for Eco-Friendly Apartments Eco-friendly buildings could be anything from new dense construction that minimizes resource usage to spacious industrial buildings converted into lofts that brag about the rain collection barrels on the roof. There are more than 400 projects in Boston that are LEED certified. For reference, this is the best-in-class green building certification. It involves far more than Energy Star certified appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs. It includes high levels of insulation, windows that let in light but retain heat, and building infrastructure that minimizes the use of water and power. LEED silver is one step below LEED gold. Choose Something that Suits Your Lifestyle Eco-friendly buildings range from affordable retrofits to luxury apartments that treat “green” certifications as another reason to raise the rent. Choose an apartment building that fits your lifestyle. For example, prioritize living space over environmental certifications. You’re already living a more eco-friendly life by living […]


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