A male tiger sprawls in the foliage at Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. Sourabh Bharti/Shutterstock Compared to the barren, brown stretch of land that juts up against it, the Singh family’s lot sticks out like a green thumb. In the video above produced by Mongabay India, you can see how the sprawling acres of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India, edge up against a vast expanse of parched, empty farmlands. And there, plumb in that heart of brownness, is a patch of verdant green, a forest flush with hope. Aditya and Poonam Singh, purchased that land when it looked a lot like its surroundings. Then they let it go wild. “I just bought this and did nothing to it except removing the invasive species,” Aditya tells Mongabay India . “We allowed the land to recover and now after 20 years, it has become a lush green patch of forest which is frequently visited by all kinds of animals, including tigers, leopards and wild boars, throughout the year.” Sometimes, you’ve got to start by building a little forest in your heart. Aditya, a former civil servant, and Poonam, a tourist resort operator, moved to the area from New Delhi […]


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