A new manufacturing alliance has popped up in the US and it’s on a mission to replace diesel engines with fuel cells in trucks — and buses, aircraft, watercraft, off-road equipment, and locomotives, too. Since the main source of hydrogen is natural gas, that should send shivers of delight up the spines of fossil fuel fans, right? Maybe not! The stage is already set for renewable green hydrogen to take over. The main obstacle is cost, and an expanding fuel cell market would help build economies of scale and supply chain efficiencies into the green hydrogen field. A new US fuel cell alliance is bad news for oil stakeholders, and a green hydrogen angle would ding natural gas, too. (Image courtesy of Plug Power.) The Western State Hydrogen Alliance The market for fuel cell vehicles in the US is mainly limited to California, where auto manufacturers are scrambling to meet emissions standards, so it’s only natural that the newly launched Western State Hydrogen Alliance has its sights set on the Golden State. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. WSHA is aiming to promote fuel heavy duty fuel cell mobility throughout the west, covering not just one but […]


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