“identifying, developing, testing and, ultimately deploying ocean-based technologies that can draw down carbon dioxide from both the atmosphere and the ocean and reverse the impacts of climate change” The Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust (GET) and Ocean Visions Inc. (OVI) are pleased to announce a partnership to identify and test technology-based ocean-climate solutions. This new partnership is founded on shared missions to work to slow, and ultimately reverse, the climate crisis our planet is confronting. Both organizations understand that while reducing current and future emissions of CO2 is urgent and necessary, it is no longer sufficient. Even with dramatic reductions in global emissions, hundreds of gigatons of carbon dioxide will still need to be safely removed from the atmosphere and ocean. Large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is essential to arresting climate disruption and achieving climate restoration. The GET/OVI partnership is focused on the identification, development, testing and, ultimately, potential deployment of ocean-based technologies that can draw down CO2 from both the atmosphere and the ocean. The partners agree on the tremendous potential role the ocean can play in CO2 removal and permanent, safe storage. Ocean-based CDR technologies are much less developed than land-based alternatives, but there are a […]


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