The world’s highest solar power plant plus battery storage facility is now operational in Tibet. Developed by PV manufacture Jetion Solar, the 40 MW/193 MWh facility is located in Tibet 4,700 meters (15,400 feet) above sea level. It receives more than 3,2oo hours of sunlight a year according to PV Magazine . Dynavolt Energy Technology owns the facility and supplied the LFP storage batteries for the project. Credit: Jetion Solar “Based on the characteristics of local electricity load and the particularity of the Tibet power grid, the project was designed as a full energy storage allocation project,” says Jetion. “The solar arrays will charge the storage during the day and the storage will fully power the grid during the night.” The energy storage system will serve as a proof of concept demonstration for the role solar plus storage can play for the Tibetan energy grid, including peak shaving and frequency modulation while providing dispatchable electricity to communities in the local area of Xigaze. “At the same time, this project will also make positive contributions to Xigaze’s industrial development, fiscal [performance] and taxation, labor employment and targeted poverty alleviation, and promote the development of Xigaze’s surrounding industries, such as agriculture […]


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