In the face of a looming global climate crisis that threatens to extinguish all life on earth, hope often evades even the most optimistic of problem-solvers. What if we already had at our fingertips — or right under our feet — a shovel-ready climate solution? What if millions of people not only knew about this solution, but could also actively help advance it? “ Kiss the Ground ,” a new documentary, injects hope into the climate crisis conversation by shining a light on how the way we treat soil, including how we grow food, offers a pathway to drawing down excess carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back in the ground, where it belongs. The film, now showing on Netflix , aims to enlist and deploy an army of soil-solution climate activists by delivering an easy-to-digest crash course on soil and climate science to a mainstream audience. “We thought, what if we could train thousands, if not millions, of new advocates,” said Finian Makepeace, co-founder of Kiss the Ground , a nonprofit that serves as an online educational hub for regenerative agriculture . “People who hear about this and are interested in it, instead of having to spend […]


    • It is definitely a harsh opening sentence designed to get attention, but the rest of the article is really very positive. I personally am very excited about the idea that something like traditional agriculture has so much potential for carbon sequestration. The film, narrated by actor and activist Woody Harrelson is available on Netflix: Kiss the Ground.


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