People & Nature More than half of UK oil workers would switch to work on renewable energy if given the opportunity to retrain, new survey shows. Workers are ready to move away from fossil fuel production as long as they can work and their families don’t suffer, a new survey has found. The survey blasts a hole in the argument by trade union leaders that every last drop of oil must be produced, supposedly to preserve jobs. The 1,383 offshore workers who responded to the survey crave job security, above all. Nearly half of them had been laid off or furloughed since oil prices crashed in March. Workers The survey, Offshore: oil and gas workers’ views on industry conditions and the energy transition , was put together by Platform London , Friends of the Earth Scotland and Greenpeace. Many respondents complained about precarious employment and the contract labour now rife on the North Sea. The survey’s authors seem to be the first people who have actually asked workers what they think. The Scottish Government has a comfortably-funded Just Transition Commission, including trade union chiefs, that recently ran a consultation on its interim report . But it was campaign groups, […]


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