Rather than seeing the climate crisis as all doom and gloom, we love that our followers and the wider community are embracing every opportunity to make a positive difference. Using events and major holidays as a springboard, we can make green choices feel fun, creative and enjoyable. So, if you’re looking to have a more eco-friendly Halloween, check out our tips for a spooky but sustainable celebration! How wasteful is Halloween? The statistics related to Halloween are not a complete surprise, but they are quite shocking when you consider that it is, really, one evening. For one night full of fun, scary frivolity, food, drink and costumes, there tends to be a fair bit of waste involved. Did you know? Over 90% of families plan to buy Halloween outfits each year. On average, Brits spend £300 million in preparation for Halloween every year. 7 million costumes are binned each year – with 4/10 of those being worn just once. Each costume contains approx 0.38kg of (usually non-recyclable) plastic, meaning that 2,600 tonnes a year is put in the bin. In 2019, it was expected that almost 17 million pumpkins were purchased. Another survey found that over half of people […]


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