Aa Aa It took over a quarter of a century to complete and is believed to be the biggest volunteer project ever undertaken in the country, but what exactly is The Great Trail of Canada ? Some say it’s the biggest hiking trail on the planet, but this isn’t quite right either. The Great Trail isn’t exactly a single path you can follow from coast to coast, but rather an extraordinary (and the world’s longest) network of multi-use trails. An overview of The Great Trail of Canada. Unique paths, routes, roads, and trails across the country are formed together to create a national network which runs from north to south and east to west. Much of it (over 24,000km) can be walked or cycled, but there are water trails for canoeists, kayakers, and paddleboarders too. Incredibly, the organisation who helps manage the trail – Trans Canada Trail (TCT) – says that four out of five Canadians live within just 30 minutes of a section of the network. The Great Trail connects over 15,000 communities too, as well as major tourism attractions and natural wonders. It was reported earlier this year that 60 per cent of adults have found relief […]


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