Scientists were able to observe superconducting behaviour at room temperature in the lab Scientists have found the first material that displays a much sought-after property at room temperature. It is superconducting, which means electrical current flows through it with perfect efficiency – with no energy wasted as heat. At the moment, a lot of the energy we generate is lost because of electrical resistance, which is lost as heat. So room temperature "superconducting" materials could revolutionise the electrical grid. Until this point, achieving superconductivity has required cooling materials to very low temperatures. When the property was discovered in 1911, it was found only at close to the temperature known as absolute zero (-273.15C). Since then, physicists have found materials that superconduct at higher – but still very cold – temperatures. image captionRoom temperature superconductors could revolutionise the electrical grid The team behind this latest discovery says it’s a major advance in a search that has already gone on for a century. "Because of the limits of low temperature, materials with such extraordinary properties have not quite transformed the world in the way that many might have imagined," said Dr Ranga Dias, from the University of Rochester, in New York […]


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