Morrisons, Waitrose and John Lewis have said they won’t be using glitter in own-brand Christmas products this year. The tiny pieces of plastic can wash into the environment, harm wildlife, and get into the food chain. The move is part of a wider push by retailers to try to reduce festive plastics pollution. Boots said it would be cutting out single-use plastic packaging from Christmas gifts, taking 2,000 tonnes of plastic from its ranges. Asda announced in September that it would launch its first sustainable Christmas range, and Tesco uses only edible glitter. Sainsbury’s said that this year “customers will find no glitter on our Christmas cards, wrapping paper or gift bags.” It has also reduced glitter used on crackers, decorations, and flowers. Between four and 12 million tonnes of plastic waste makes its way into oceans every year, mainly through rivers, according to estimates . That plastic then breaks down into smaller, toxic pieces, which can be ingested by creatures, harming and potentially killing them, if it fills their stomachs. image captionMorrisons will ditch glitter on own brand Christmas products Morrisons said on Wednesday that it would completely remove glitter from all of its own brand Christmas ranges […]


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