The record was broken by a migratory bar-tailed godwit (Limosa lapponica). Dennis Jacobsen/ A bird has been tracked making a mammoth journey of over 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) from Alaska to New Zealand without a single break, setting a new world record for the longest logged continuous flight by a bird. The bar-tailed godwit, known as 4BBRW, set off from southwestern Alaska on September 16 and touched down in a bay near Auckland, New Zealand just 11 days later, according to Global Flyway Network , a conservation group that studies the migrations of shorebirds. Data from its satellite tag suggests the bird traveled a distance of 12,854 kilometers (7,987 miles), although the real figure is likely to be closer to 12,200 kilometers (7,580 miles) after accounting for errors, The Guardian reports. Either way, this appears to be a record distance. The previous record was set in 2007 after a bird of the same species completed an 11,680-kilometers (7,258 miles) journey across the Pacific, which outdid all human-made aircraft at the time. Bar-tailed godwits ( Limosa lapponica ) are a species of wading bird no stranger to epic migrations. Each year, they breed in the upper reaches of the Northern […]


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