Perhaps you’ve placed an order and they’re standing right outside your front door. Shiny. Pretty. Insulated bags loaded with yummy items. Amazon Prime, which offers doorstep drop-offs from Whole Foods, uses silvery plastic padded bags when packing up refrigerated and frozen items. While they seem to work nicely for delivering frosty food, the empties deserve attention. We’re doing just that. We’re featuring useful ideas for repurposing them as well as focusing attention on how they factor into the plethora of unnecessary plastic waste. Repurposing Ideas for reusing and upcycling the foil insulated bags are plentiful. They are useful as-is — especially when you need a padded pouch. For example: Lunch bag: Designed to protect your food delivery, they can help keep your lunch fresh. Padded storage: Store or pack up dishes and other items that need extra protection. You can also slice into sheets and layer between plates. Gift bag: Simply pop in a present. The sparkly silver exterior looks fancy and the padding helps protect the contents. Use it in its original form or pull out your scissors and devise a different shape, such as a tall thin sack for wrapping organic wine. Image: Patti Roth For other […]


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