This solar power installation near Vineland, New Jersey, was among the first to replace power mowing with grazing sheep. Clean, abundant, solar power comes with a price. It requires lots of land, and in some places that’s provoking opposition from people who want to preserve farmland. In southern New Jersey, for instance, a company called Dakota Power Partners wants to build an 800-acre solar power station, and the Pilesgrove Township planning board is hearing from local citizens who don’t like it one bit. "The carpetbaggers have come south to take our property, our land, our farms!" protested Jim Davis at a meeting in August. Davis lives next to the proposed solar array. "I’m going to look out of my house, my living room windows, I’m going to see sixteen feet of solar panels." Many opponents are upset at the idea of solar panels replacing fertile, productive, farm fields. "We’re a farming community," said Cheryl Reardon at the same meeting. She’s a former member of the planning board. "You were the first town to adopt a right to farm ordinance! Don’t forget your vision for this township, and what it should remain to be!" Zaid Ashai, CEO of Nexamp , […]


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