Demand for furniture is rising in the United States and is expected to reach $68.8 billion in 2022 . Although it’s convenient to purchase a brand new furniture item online, buying new furniture is detrimental to the environment. Although some companies are committing to more sustainable practices, the most environmentally friendly thing you can do when it comes to furniture is to purchase a used item or repurpose an item you already own. Here are the eco-friendly benefits of buying or repurposing used furniture and highlight a few tips for restoring items. Eco-Friendly Benefits Image: The furniture industry is one of the most polluting, least sustainable industries on the planet. By avoiding purchasing new items, you can reduce your ecological footprint significantly. Buying or repurposing used furniture offers the following benefits: Less wasteful: Americans discard more than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings each year, 80% of which ends up in the landfill. Help prevent deforestation : Buying new items made from wood means cutting down trees. Deforestation contributes to biodiversity loss, soil erosion, and 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Limits plastic production: The growing global plastic furniture market size was valued at 11.9 billion in […]


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