The electric aircraft industry is an odd one to follow. A lot of superlatives are thrown around, but it’s still a baby industry with nothing really in commercial operation. Airbus is throwing in another superlative, and I have to admit that I find the claim a bit dubious. Airbus wants to develop the “world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft,” but its timeline for doing so is “by 2035.” Electric commercial aircraft aren’t going to be here next year, but I will be shocked if commercial operations don’t begin well before 2035. Airbus is leaning on hydrogen for this plan. It has three concept aircraft in mind for inaugural commercial electric aircraft, but all three of them rely on hydrogen. “Airbus has revealed three concepts for the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft which could enter service by 2035. These concepts, each represent a different approach to achieving zero-emission flight, exploring various technology pathways and aerodynamic configurations in order to support the company’s ambition of leading the way in the decarbonization of the entire aviation industry,” the company notes. While we here at CleanTechnica have long seen no future for hydrogen in passenger road transport, or any road transport, we remain open […]


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