Utah teen Mishka Banuri is working to hold government officials accountable for addressing the climate crisis. Mishka Banuri is a 19-year-old climate activist and the co-founder of Utah Youth Environmental Solutions (UYES), an organization that empowers youth to hold government officials accountable in combating the climate crisis. In 2018, Banuri and UYES led the effort to pass a resolution in the conservative Utah legislature that formally recognized the validity and existential threat of climate change. There’s a reason why young people are among the most vocal advocates for bold solutions to the climate crisis: It is our future at stake. Unless we make clear to our leaders that this is an emergency threatening every aspect of our lives, they won’t listen. I credit my awakening as an environmental activist to a high school camping trip to Bears Ears, an iconic natural landmark in Utah composed of juniper forests, buttes, and canyons. For years, the Bears Ears Intertribal Coalition, a group of Indigenous nations, had been urging then-President Obama to designate the site as a national monument. While at Bears Ears, I learned about the Indigenous tribes who once called this site home, and whose detailed handprints engraved on the […]


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