Could demand from the talent pool be what it takes? The climate crisis is upon us, and Bill Weihl, the man largely credited with Google’s carbon-neutrality achievement, thinks it’s high time for corporations to start putting their money behind real climate action. Companies like CVS Health and ExxonMobil have publically acknowledged the danger posed by our changing climate but have done little more than making public statements. Lobbying dollars tell a different story: ExxonMobil and other leading fossil fuel companies have spent $1 billion blocking climate action since the signing of the Paris Agreement. Weihl made a name for himself working on sustainability issues for Google and Facebook but left the private sector in 2018 with the opinion that he could do more from the outside to push businesses to take action on climate. Two years later, he founded Climate Voice . Taking inspiration from the struggle for LGBTQ rights in the corporate landscape, Weihl suspected that employees and college students (i.e., the talent pool companies strive to attract) could be the key to pushing corporations that say they support climate action to actually spend money and create policy. “Companies have a lot of influence in our political system, […]


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