Enterprises like Eco Sathi Nepal, Leaf Plus and B2B Hospitality are making plastic-free cutlery and paper packaging. For Garima Shrestha, living a sustainable, environment-friendly lifestyle is not a passing fad. It is a lifestyle choice she has made to become more responsible towards nature, she says. At home, she says, she has no problems adhering to her lifestyle, but outside, things are a little tricky—especially when it comes to eating out. And that’s why she decided to buy eco-friendly cutlery from Eco Sathi Nepal, an enterprise that sells eco-friendly products, so that she does not have to use anything made from plastic even while going out, she says. “After I bought the cutlery, I felt more responsible, as I could easily carry it and use it when I go out instead of the plastic ones,” says Shrestha, founder of SHE, an eco-friendly organisation that advocates for menstrual hygiene. For such environmentally-conscious people like Garima, who want to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life, many Nepali brands in recent years have been creating eco-friendly products. But these handful of companies are not only hoping to make eco-friendly cutlery available in the market for the individual consumer, they are hoping […]


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