What’s up with General Motors and the month of September? GM kicked off last week with a big announcement about Honda, moved on to another big announcement regarding Nikola, and now just yesterday the company let word slip about a new wireless EV battery system aimed at bringing more electric vehicles to market, more quickly and more efficiently. And all this while shepherding more renewable energy into the grid, executing a sharp pivot to making ventilators and PPE for COVID-19 response, and managing worker safety in the middle of a public health crisis, too. GM’s new wireless EV battery system will help trim electric vehicle costs down to the bone (photo courtesy of GM). A New Wireless EV Battery Management System For More & Better EVs If you’re thinking this new wireless system has something to do with wireless EV charging, not exactly. The focus is on introducing new EV models and new battery technology more efficiently, at less cost. GM claims that the new system, developed with the firm Analog Devices , is the first of its kind for any auto manufacturer. So, what’s the big deal? The new system reduces the amount of wiring need within an […]


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