Unbuilders CEO and founder Adam Corneil says the old-growth Douglas fir lumber from this home will be salvaged and reused in other construction. (Jesse Johnston/CBC) This day has been five years in the making — Unbuilders CEO and founder Adam Corneil is watching a crane lift a piece of roof the size of a putting green off a 90-year-old home in Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood. Instead of demolishing houses, Corneil’s company deconstructs them and salvages the materials so they can be returned to the supply chain. Taking apart this home on Elm Street near West 44 Avenue was supposed to take about three weeks, but the crane makes the process much faster. Corneil tried out the new workflow for the first time Wednesday morning and by mid-afternoon, his team had already removed the roof, snapping it away in chunks like pieces of Lego. "We’ve got a number of days work done in the last six hours," he said proudly. "As far as we can tell, we’re the first company to use a crane like this. It’s a game changer." A before picture of the 1930s home that was deconstructed on Elm Street in Vancouver, B.C. (Jesse Johnston/CBC) Lumber going to […]


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