Last weekend, I wrote an article about the fact that the cost of solar power has dropped significantly in recent years . I started off by looking at the average price of solar PV panels alone, which were 12 time more expensive in 2010 and 459 times more expensive in 1977 than they are today. (I know — going back to 1977 was unnecessary. But it was fun.) After looking at solar PV panel prices, I got into the broader cost of a rooftop solar power system, which includes the cost of installation as well as many other “soft costs” related to going solar. While diving into that matter, it was striking to see that the average cost of a rooftop solar power system in the United States is $2.19/watt whereas Tesla is now offering rooftop solar power for $1.49/watt across the country. (Both prices are the price of an installed solar power system after taking into account the US federal tax credit for solar, which is 26% of the cost of the system.) That’s a big price difference. Going deeper by exploring average solar pricing in different states based on an EnergySage report, I thought I’d find certain […]


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