Update: Ford reached out to us to clarify that they are currently expecting significantly lower total cost of operation , not ownership, for the electric F150. This is due to the fact that pricing for the new electric F150 has not yet been finalized. Ford opened up with more details about its fully electric F-150 in an event streamed live this morning. The new F-150 will start rolling off the production lines in mid-2022, boasting more power and torque than its gasoline-powered counterparts. Ford is promising a breakthrough in cost with the new electric F-150, with a total cost of ownership that’s far lower than its combustion competition. “The all-electric F-150 is targeted at a total cost of ownership that’s more than 40% less than the similar gas engine trucks over the life of the vehicle,” Ford COO and incoming CEO Jim Farley said. Image courtesy: Ford With impressive performance and functionality, the electric Ford F-150 is poised to completely disrupt even its own combustion truck business on cost alone. Fleets live and die by two things: cost of ownership and uptime, and the electric F-150 is a step change in both. Ford believes it can deliver a total […]


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