My climate angst is something I’ve lived with for nearly a dozen years. In that time I’ve gone from passive despairer to active agitator. I couldn’t look my children in the eyes if I wasn’t doing everything possible to fight the climate crisis . Some days I still can’t. I believe that individual action can lead to systems change. Of course, the burden of fixing the climate has been unfairly heaped onto individuals, by actors both nefarious and oblivious. Over the previous decades, corporations have turned a huge global challenge into “your personal problem.” And we know that shifting blame from production to consumption is part of the climate delay toolkit . But at the same time, if it’s individual action that catalyzes systems change, then my decisions matter. Government and decision makers don’t change unless we force them to change. There’s just one small wrinkle in this plan. Individual action is a full-time job. Constantly weighing up how to live to help ensure our planet will be habitable for future generations takes more time than most of us have. It’s all the more difficult when we’re trying to pay our bills, keep the COVID at bay and, you […]


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